About Us

April Milman - Founder of BibbyI’m April Milman, and as a new mom with my daughter, Juliette, I could not understand how there was not a more efficient bib available. Unfortunately for Juliette and me, every time I fed her, the milk would spill underneath her bib, forcing me to change her clothes multiple times a day. I realized that I shared this unnecessary inconvenience with every other parent, and I became determined to build a better bib.

Through trial and error, I created a wonderful bib, called Bibby. Bibby stopped the milk and eventually Juliette’s food from getting her clothes wet and dirty. After that, I never again had to waste time on multiple clothing changes, and that allowed us to have more time for fun together.

After my success with Juliette, I used Bibby for my son Sebastian, my nephew Nathaniel, my niece Sloane, my nephew Matthew, my nephew Noah, and my nephew Jake, as well as all of my friends’ children. Bibby became so popular among my friends and family that I’ve decided to share it with as many people as I can so that every baby can be more comfortable.