Bibby was designed by a Mother of two wonderful children and Aunt to five wonderful nieces and nephews.

A Unique & Innovative Bib

Your baby is your pride and joy. From the moment that child was born, your world changed and your way of thinking changed with it. So why would you accept a dirty, wet bib as the only option to keep your baby clean? Why wouldn’t you choose the best baby bib on the market to keep their skin and clothes clean and dry? Welcome to Bibby, the patented bib technology that is designed with every child in mind.

Bibby was designed by a mother who needed a better bib option for her children. Infant bibs are often scratchy and uncomfortable for the baby, creating an unnecessary stressor in his or her daily routine. When a child can associate sitting and eating with a clean, dry, comfortable sensation, both baby and parent can enjoy the time together more fully.

Bibby’s patented technology takes standard milk bibs and extends the collar upward under the chin, keeping food away from baby’s sensitive skin. Standard bibs for newborns allow milk to dribble down the chin into the gap created at the neckline, soiling the clothing underneath. Wet skin or clothing can lead to chafing, redness, irritation, and even peeling. Our bibs are made with 80% cotton, so they are guaranteed to be soft and comfortable against your baby’s delicate skin.

Of course, Bibby is not only handy for feeding time; teething is a time that requires more protection for baby’s clothing and skin as well. That’s why Bibby has the best baby bibs for drooling too! Saliva can cause dry skin just like food or milk can, so keep your baby clean and dry while they work hard growing those new teeth.

Replace your baby’s old, ill-fitting bibs with the bib they deserve: Bibby! It’s time for your baby to experience the best bibs available. We are currently an online-only shop, so order your bibs today and give your child the comfort they want and protection they need.

To ensure safety, do not leave the bib on an infant or child while sleeping or while unsupervised as this may lead to suffocation or strangulation. Keep away from fire.

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